Frequently Asked Questions

What is DangerTV? + -
DangerTV is the premier channel for high-octane, dangerous, true stories from around the world, and it is free! DangerTV brings you docu-series, reality TV, and documentary movies guaranteed to entertain. Watch real-life daredevils, world-class adventures, shocking true crime, up-close animal encounters, secret histories, and breathtaking stories of survival, all in one place! You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want–all for free through various providers!
How much does it cost? + -
Nothing! In an age of added costs and endless subscriptions, DangerTV is one service that won’t cost you anything. You can stream DangerTV or watch the live channel through various providers (see How can I watch DangerTV?)
How can I watch DangerTV? + -
You can watch DangerTV on the linear channel, available to stream for free through Vizio, Sling, Samsung TV Plus, or on your Roku or Amazon Fire Stick. If you want a more on-demand experience, you can access the DangerTV app for free through Roku. You can also watch select DangerTV shows on YouTube.
What kinds of shows can I expect to watch? + -
You can expect the best in reality television, docu-series, and documentary movies, all focusing on danger. Our docu-series take you behind the scenes and to the front lines of some of the world’s most dangerous places, including border security, the Coast Guard, and tough prisons. We offer nail-biting stories of real-life survival, disaster, and crime. Documentary films uncover the hidden histories they don’t want you to learn in history class. From breathtaking rescues to white-kunckled escapes, from daredevils to criminals, from extreme weather to non-stop action, DangerTV offers you a front-row seat to the world’s most exciting stories–all of them true, none of them safe!