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Season 1|Episode 12

Most Dangerous Hikes in America

Arches National Park dangerous fin hike
There's no need to leave the good ol' USA to take a life threatening walk. Here are ten of the most dangerous hikes in America that will test your mettle.
Arches National Park is a one of kind experience with dreamlike arches sprinkled throughout thousands of hikeable acres. Most of the hikes are easy and pleasant, no sedatives required. But when you climb onto the fin leading to Devil's Garden, hold onto your hat. You're treading the top of an uneven stone fin about 5 feet wide. On your left: a 300 foot drop into a forest of prickly cactus. On your right: a 1,000 foot drop down to solid rock. The sides of the fin are vertical, smooth stone. There's no vegetation to grab to break your fall, or intermediate shelf that could slow you down. Even experienced hikers can get a form of horizontal vertigo that makes it look like the two cliff sides are rushing by you at warp speed.
Zion National Park dangerous hike