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Top Ten Most Extreme Wingsuit Flights

Wingsuits are not only the coolest looking gear skydivers and BASE jumpers can wear during freefalls, they also are the deadliest: 38 wingsuit flyers died in 2016, the peak year so far for fatalities. But the pilots are undaunted. As the extreme sport has become more popular, wingsuit flying feats have only become more mind-blowing. Here’s our Top Ten of the most extreme flights ever.
Wingsuit pilot flying towards a narrow cave
#1. Uli Emanuele, Threading the Needle

In 2015, Uli Emanuele stunned the world with this BASE jump as he threaded a gap only 2 ½ meters wide. This wingsuit jump not only risked Uli’s life, but also would have left him stranded if he survived any injuries. This is because Uli hiked up the mountain alone, setting up all of his own gear and camera shots. This solo mission tops the list for not only the Uli’s brush with death, but also the nerves of steel needed to attempt something like this all by himself. Tragically, Uli died in Switzerland during a jump only a year later.

Wingsuit pilot approaches a narrow cave thread
#2. Alexander Polli, Helicopter Cave Thread

Like many other wingsuit legends, Alexander Polli pushed the extreme sport with his very own cave thread. Jumping from a helicopter, Alexander gained an incredible amount of speed before flying through the mouth of a cave. Cameras at the mouth of A-shaped cave captured Alexanders fly-by as he soared by spectators standing by the edge. It is by far the fastest and most extreme cave exits we’ve seen. Polli passed away in August of 2016 during a flight in the French Alps after colliding with a tree.

Wingsuit pilot flying high and grinning
#3. Robert S. Morgan aka Scotty Bob, French Alps Proximity Flight
In the world of wingsuit flying, Scotty Bob is a name that a lot of people have heard before. This is mainly because of his viral YouTube channel that has his incredibly dangerous flights caught on tape. His skills have undoubtedly put him at the top of the BASE jumping and wingsuit world, and his reputation is always backed up by his video. In his harrowing video, Scotty Bob navigates through a terrifying but spectacular proximity flight, skimming across the slopes of the French Alps.

Wingsuit flyer approaches the Aiguille du Midi Bridge
#4. Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes & Ludovic Woerth, Aiguille du Midi Bridge

Chamonix, France is a playground for wingsuit enthusiasts. With its high mountain ranges and beautiful scenery, it is most definitely a dream location. So it's no surprise three expert wingsuit pilots sought to redefine what it means to fly in Chamonix. They did this by flying under the bridge at the top of Aiguille du Midi, one of the most famous mountains in the French Alps. Fighting bad weather and a few nerve racking close calls, the group was finally able to fly high enough to swoop under the bridge, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Chamonix.

Wingsuiter flies through a canyon
#5. Jeb Corliss, Heaven’s Gate

First flights are always exciting, especially when they’re in far-off lands. Jeb Corliss was able to do exactly that, flying through the Heaven’s Gate in Tianmen Mountains, China. Jumping from high above in a plane, Corliss comfortably cleared the cave to the applause of hundreds of spectators below,in awe of Corliss’ speed. With the spectacular views and skillful exit, this has to be one of the coolest flights in wingsuit history.

Wingsuit pilot flies down a canyon
#6. Graham Dickinson, The Abyss

Proximity flights are incredible. While most are incredibly dangerous, some are outright miraculous. Graham Dickinson’s flight through the “Abyss” is one of those that will leave you speechless. Navigating through a large gorge down the side of Aiguille du Midi, Dickinson made his way through the mountain, exiting the other side with plenty of altitude to spare. This is by far one of the most intense proximity flights out there. Dickinson sadly perished during a flight near Tianmen Mountain in 2016.

Wingsuit pilot gives a high five
#7. BASE Crew, The High Five

In such a serious sport with the grim realities of death and serious injury always looming, a bit of humor is always refreshing. The BASE Crew set out to do this, trying to complete a proximity flight with a high five. This wasn’t an actual high five (because someone’s arm would be ripped off), but the jump still needed to be extremely accurate due to how close the person holding up the fake “high five” was. This is definitely a memorable flight.

Wingsuit pilot flies into a plane
#8. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, Unexpected Landing

When people think about completing a wingsuit flight, it usually ends in someone releasing a parachute that safely carries them towards the ground. Fugen and Reffet, also known as the Soul Flyers, wanted to redefine that idea. Instead, they flew back into a plane while flying at incredible speeds. It’s these types of jumps that totally push the boundaries of what is possible with a wingsuit.

Wingsuit pilot flies between two buildings
#9 Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer, Illegal Rio de Janeiro Flight

Being able to fly in a wingsuit through mountainous regions is not easy: to be able to fly through two buildings in one of the worlds busiest cities is downright crazy. The pair flew dangerously close through two buildings that only came into view shortly after they broke through the early morning clouds. Despite all obstacles, these two legends of the extreme sport were able to pull off this miraculous flight. Sadly,Woerth later tragically perished in Switzerland alongside two others after leaping from a helicopter.

Wingsuit pilot flies like a bullet close to the ground
#10 Brandon Mikesell, Chamonix Dream

Any proximity flight is incredible to watch, but this one especially stands out from others. Speeding down the slopes of the French Alps, Mikesell first avoids a massive cable, then skims down the side of a rocky slope at breakneck speeds. His video cameras catch this incredible dive that most wingsuit enthusiasts can only dream of.


Story by Esteban Dardani