• Police
  • Undercover Police
Season 1|Episode 4

In The Capitals Of Europe

Paris and London are the most important European capitals. These major metropolises are very active in the term of economy and tourism that naturally attracts foreigners from different countries. With so many different cultures, traditions and ways of life, somebody must resolve differences to maintain security of everyone. And the police fulfill this mission every day. TheChamps Elysees in Paris assembles the richest and the poorest, crooks, homeless and tourists. To fight criminality, a special group called BST was created by the government, whose role is to work all fronts and to keep order.

In London, in the Nothing Hill area, wildly different communities live side by side. And close contact causes often violent conflicts. During the day the police provides security but at night the atmosphere becomes more electric. TSG, a special unit, fights against Nothing Hill’s gangs to protect the peace.