• Drugs
  • Kabul Gates
Season 1|Episode 2

On Traffickers' Territory

Police Patrol takes a fascinating look at the polices fighting drug smuggling in Peru and Afghanistan. Peru and Colombia share the first place among the biggest cocaine producers in the world. The Peruvian cocaine is considered as the purest on the market. It makes Peru very attractive for mafia organizations from all over the globe. The Peruvian forest is a hostile environment, an ideal place to hide multiple illegal activities. A special anti-drug group Sinchi was created in order to fight drug trade directly on the production site.

Afghanistan, in its turn, occupies the first place among the opium and hashish producers in the world. This hidden economy enabling drug barons to earn more than two billion dollars per year. The Counter Narcotics Police Directorate of Afghanistan set up the Kabul Gates, a group of 60 specially trained policemen aimed to detect and destroy drugs that criminals attempt
to deliver to the city.