• Crime
  • Acapulco Turistica
Season 1|Episode 3


Mexico and Thailand must police their tourist areas to keep visitors safeā€”and under control. Acapulco ranks second among the towns with the highest rate of homicide in the world. The cartels replace the supreme authority in certain districts. Gang wars and bloody struggles have made Acapulco less attractive for foreign tourists. Members of special anti-criminal units risk their lives every day to maintain security.

At the other side of the globe, Pattaya lives by tourism, being one of the most visited towns in Asia. More than 4 million tourists arrive every year to the small town totaling around 100 000 of population. Low cost of living and diverse nightlife attract tourists from all over the world, but the abundance of tourists results in violence and crimes. The Thai authorities have decided to limit these consequences of the excessive freedom of visitors with their own special police unit.